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We are meeting in front of our agency at 07:00 hours per day. We are moving for Batum Turumuz. We start our group in the early hours of the morning and after 75 minutes we give a 25 minute tea break to Zaimoğlu Rize Gowns. Then we arrive at the Sarpsınır gate for entry to Batum and then we start to make a TL at the exit (TL) in our Batum (TL) Batum, which we already got after the transit procedures are completed. Our first stop is the visit of Kusal Andrew Statue and Batum Gonio Castle, which spreads the Christian religion in Georgia. We go to Batumi Botanical Garden and we visit botanical garden with our guide and we come to our car. After lunch we give free time after visits to Cathedral-Art Museum-Europe Square- Medea Statue-Mosque and Church. At the end of the free time we meet at the indicated place and follow the light water show. Then we move to Trabzon. We arrive at the border gate of Sarp. After making the transition again, we arrive in Trabzon at 23: 00-24: 00 and we end our term.

Included Services: Private tours by car, National Park Entrance Fees, Guidance services, Lunch

Services not included: Sarp border crossing fee, Museum and Ruins Entrances (fees), Extra expenses

Action Points:

Trabzon: 2015 Aya Tours Office Front Time: 07:00

Batum: City Square Time: 23:00 – 24:00

Suggestions: Batum Botanical Trip

. Make sure you have a device that is capable of taking pictures; You will not find this wonderful nature everywhere.
· Study the program very well and prepare yourself.

Beauties: Batum Botanical Garden, New city architecture, City square

Visiting Locations:

1 – Andrew Heyeli – Batum Gonio Castle

2 – Botanical Garden

3 – Cathedral – Art Museum – European Square – Medea Sculpture – Mosque and Churches

Note 1: Our tour tools will be arranged according to the number of participants and will be held with tour vehicles 8 – 15 – 29 – 46 people.

Note 2: Our daily tours will be canceled if sufficient numbers (at least 6 people) can not be reached and min. 4 hours advance notice.

Note 3: Front, right, left or corridor, glass edge guarantee is not given in the vehicle layout plan.

Note 4: Vehicle brand and model are not specified. The agent can make a vehicle change if necessary.

Note 5: Our agency has the right to make changes according to the weather and road conditions in the program flow.

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