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Ayder Tour

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Ayder Tour

Action Points:
Trabzon: Aya Tours Office Front Time: 09:00

(Esteemed guests of our hotel is located in Trabzon Central Terminal, Airport, Stop and so on. Underfloor overnights tour we ensure your participation in the route of the vehicle within the tour by taking free from where you missed office had call you sooner or later the vehicle do not need to say !! :-))

Ayder: September Restaurant Time: 16:00

. Make sure you have a device that is capable of taking pictures; You will not find this wonderful nature everywhere.
· Study the program very well and prepare yourself.

Beauties: • Ayder has a different beauty every season.

Visiting Locations:
1 – Sales department

2 – Fırtına Deresi Historical Stone Bridge and Rafting Area

3 – Ayder cruising section

Included Services: Private tours by car, National Park Entrance Fees

Not included: Lunch, knife sliding shelves of the (shopping), London Botanical Garden (shopping), museums and ruins Inputs (fees)

Note 1: Our tour tools will be arranged according to the number of participants and will be held with tour vehicles 8 – 15 – 29 – 46 people.

Note 2: Our daily tours will be canceled if sufficient numbers (at least 6 people) can not be reached and min. 4 hours advance notice.

Note 3: Front, right, left or corridor, glass edge guarantee is not given in the vehicle layout plan.

Note 4: Vehicle brand and model are not specified. The agent can make a vehicle change if necessary.

Note 5: Our agency has the right to make changes according to the weather and road conditions in the program flow.

Ayder, 19 km from Çamlıhemşin district. 1350 m in the south east. It is a place with a high plateau height covered with pine forests. Storm streams along both sides of the Çamlıhemşin the border where there following the unique natural beauty overnights down the beech bottom and up Ambarlik (Bridal Veil of) waterfalls, springs home, flowering flat, the kinds of honey derived from flowers and prop Kaçkars the back with healing thermal pine with covered slopes Covered paradise. The local and foreign tourists in Kaplicaard, which is located in Ayder Yaylas, benefit from the healing spa water coming from the underground at 55 degree temperature. The spa is good for rheumatic diseases, internal diseases, gynecological diseases and skin diseases.

Ayder Plateau; High waterfalls, heads of smoky mountains, local architecture, tulumu, horon and hot springs waiting for you
We are meeting in Trabzon city center and moving to Ayder Plateau at 09.00. Our first visit of the day is to the Rize Botanical Garden on our way. Rize Botanical bird’s-eye can be seen (Agriculture), Garden visit and after being seen in downtown Rize we continue on our way. The way up the coast to Ardeşen, then we arrive at the Ayder Valley following the storm, one of the 200 ecological zones need to be protected in the world.
After a panoramic ride through the plateau, we have free time at 17.00 to meet again for return. You can take a pleasant walk during your time on the plateau, you can sip your tea or coffee against the bridal veil waterfall. Almost every corner is played in the accompaniment of the name of the suit, the hora falls, and you can accompany the horona. You should not forget the spa. There are many alternatives for lunch. Do not leave Ayder Yaylasın without pleading with our advice.
We meet at our car at 17.00 hours and leave Ayder Plateau. On the way we stop at the Rize Bezi Factory Retail, visit the traditional weaving workshop and sales departments. At 19.00 we end up in Trabzon and we say goodbye to wish to meet in another company.
? Daily Ayder Tour Per Person Fee: 600 TL
? Prize Included Services: Transportation by Luxury Vehicle, National Park Vehicle Entry Fee

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  • Sürmene Knife Sales Department
  • Storm Creek
  • Historical Stone Bridge
  • Rafting Area

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Dahil Hizmetler / Dahil Olmayan Hizmetler

  • Transportation by Luxury Vehicle
  • National Park Vehicle Entry Fee
  • Lunch
  • Surmene Knife Department Shopping
  • Museum and Ruins Entrance Fees

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